Friday, January 28, 2011

Metro PCS

Ok, I know some of you call Metro PCS  (metro Piece of S&#!) but I ABSLOUTELY LOVE THEM!   

I am not one to keep up with minutes!  I like to talk when i want to talk!  Period! I like to text when I want to text!  Period.  I like to websurf when I want to. Period!

Some say the service is crappy, but personally I have never had any problems.  I have had LESS dropped calls than when i was on Verizon and Sprint.  I hear people fine and people can hear me fine.

The way the plan works is you pay a monthly fee ( mine is around $45)  that includes UNLIMITED mintues, texting and web browsing .  This price never goes up!  If it is $45, it is $45, no more..... it's set in stone baby! There are no contracts.  You receive 2 text regarding your bill.  One about a week before and one a couple of days before to remind you to pay.  You can pay over the phone, in a store, or by mail.  You DO have to buy the phone from Metro unless you have a phone which can be flashed.

Here is a link to their page which explains the plansMetro PCS plans

The plans are nationwide I think.   When my husband travels out of state, we can usually communicate unless  he is out in the middle of no where!

I never understood paying for minutes!  What a load of BS!  Their is no telling how many thousands of dollars we wasted on other cell phone providers.  Unless someone better than Metro PCS comes along, I WILL NEVER SWITCH!  Verizon can keep their network!  Sprint, AT & T, and T-mobile can all keep thier catchy phrases, CONTRACTS and over priced services!

I give Metro PCS 5 sparkles and a snap (with attitude)

Can ya hear me now????  Yep on Metro!

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